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Acceptable Use Policy

Within Havant & South Downs College, the use of the device to access the internet and school network will be monitored and filtered, in line with the normal Havant & South Downs College AUP (this can be viewed on Havant & South Downs College website).

Havant & South Downs College will set up a management account to download and update appropriate curriculum applications and lock internet browsing and apps on devices to age-appropriate settings.

Students will be allowed to use their device with their own internet connection at home, restaurants, hotels, etc. This may not be fully monitored and filtered and Havant & South Downs College will not be responsible for any websites or resources that students access.

We believe that it is important for students to develop digital responsibility and safe practices when using the internet. However, we can provide parents with instructions and advice on how to restrict access if required.

To encourage use as a fully immersive digital device, Havant & South Downs College will allow students to use their own Apple iTunes account to install their own music, books, films and apps. However, they must comply with the following guidelines: Students must NOT:
• Use their device to access content or websites that are inappropriate or illegal.
• Ignore copyright – any media placed on the device by students must be their own or copyright-free.
• Install apps that are age inappropriate or offensive. Havant & South Downs College will set appropriate internet and age-restrictions and remove any apps/media that it considers to be inappropriate.
• Try to ‘jailbreak’ the device or change the settings that have been put on by staff.
• Use the device to engage in any kind of criminal activity, gambling, spamming, hacking, etc.
• Use the device to take photographs/audio/video recordings of any other students/member of staff without their consent.
• Students must also make sure that they use the device in all lessons in accordance with the class rules of the relevant teacher – some uses and activities may only be allowed in certain subjects or at certain times. In order to retain possession of the device, students must comply with the code of conduct: failure to do so may result in access to the device being withdrawn.

Any violations by students will be taken seriously and Havant & South Downs College will take appropriate action, including loss of school internet access, restrictions on use and wiping or repossession of the device. Parents will also be informed where these guidelines have been breached.